2020…Enough Said!

When I was a teenager, my parents gave me a book. Not just a book, ’the’ book of the 80’s.

The Road Less Traveled by M Scott P. Peck

The premise was simple. The road “less traveled” symbolized the possibilities lost by making a decision. The narrator wanted to travel…

Do you define yourself by your success? More specifically, the last important thing you have achieved no matter how many amazing things came before it? You’re not alone.

Today’s society thrives off of achievements. The drive to succeed can and does consume us.

The pattern of constantly doing and achieving…

Being a self-identified workaholic and “doing addict”, I know what it’s like to feed off a busy schedule, unrealistic deadlines and round the clock working habits. I lived this way for most of my adult life.

I don’t live like that anymore and have become pretty darn passionate about revolutionizing…

Do you find yourself defining who you are by what you do? I did.

There was a time in my life where my achievements were far more important than my soul’s desires or my personal well being.

It doesn’t help that we also live in culture that respects us more…

If we choose to focus on what we don’t have, we will never have enough. The empty experience of not feeling, doing, or being enough, will reign.

If we think we don’t have enough time, we’ll never have enough.
If we think we aren’t growing enough, we never will.
If we think we aren’t doing enough, we won’t.
If we think we are not good enough, we will believe it.
If we think we don’t have enough _________ (fill in the blank), it’ll be the truth.

Everything we need is within us.

Who we are, what we have, and what we have done…is already enough.

We are enough.

What is your relationship to change? Resisting change leads you to fear the natural world where change is an ABSOLUTE requirement for progress.

The truth is, when done right, change is rewarding, enriching, and energizing. The belief that change must be difficult is a myth.

This myth is sustained by…

The gift of the present moment is a deep sense of aliveness and connection.

When we have the awareness to slow down, take notice, and be fully present, we uncover an infinite well of peace and contentment. We experience the natural flow and energy of our day, that wants nothing…

Renée Dineen

Recovering workaholic and action junky that left her executive level career to give herself a genuine shot at doing work that mattered most to her heart.

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