A ‘Call To Action’​ for Leaders to Reduce Suffering

Renée Dineen
3 min readApr 30, 2020


I had the absolute pleasure of being interviewed by Jennifer Watson who hosts the “Single Soul Purpose’ podcast. I love learning how my message around Authentic Inaction™ resonates for people and the connections they make. Jennifer did a beautiful job of connecting this life practice to reducing organizational suffering which I definitely see. Take a listen to hear how this connection unfolds and the case I make for leadership, especially in times like these.


The Role of Leadership: Highlights From Our Podcast Discussion

There has never been a more crucial time for leaders to take on within their own hearts and organizational agendas, the role of reducing suffering. Here is what that looks like.

— Leaders willing and able to name human experiences such as loss, grief, sadness and pain can only then, move their teams through it and eventually make it possible to get back to purpose, grace and joy.

— Leaders who can name their own emotional experiences create teams and cultures where people can be seen as human and accessible, and without consequence. This type of psychological safety is crucial for high performing teams and healthy cultures.

— There is more collective grief in the universe than there ever has been — from the loss of important events to death — and we are all having a reaction. If not now then when can we as leaders and human beings connect with another person in those darker crevices of life? Being willing to go there for yourself first is key. To ask others to go there if you are not willing is too much to ask of another. Once you feel like you have the capacity to hold your own grief, you can and should become a secure base for others.

— People don’t need to be saved. They do need to be supported, encouraged and inspired. Show them that you care first, then encourage them to dare. This is potentially the most creative time in our recent history. Harvest this in yourself for inspiration and encourage it for others! These are the leaders that will be remembered for something different.

— Intimate team experiences nourish people. Teams are hungry for connection. To have leaders who are curious enough about each person’s unique greatness to create these types of interactions, and be vulnerable themselves, will come out of this time with stronger and more committed teams.

— Being willing to visit the dark gives you permission to lead people towards the light. In times like these, leaders who don’t see the dark look disconnected and afraid — not present to this moment.

— This is a time to stop wondering why this is all happening and find ways to move with it so that we come out better, more wise, more compassionate, and more human. Leaders who are aware of a bigger purpose and step into that, is in many ways, a coming home to what leadership is truly about.

— Leaders who are willing to say no to many things so they can say yes to the right things will live a healthier and more authentic life, and model that possibility for others. Taking Authentic Inaction™ takes more courage than taking Inauthentic Action. It takes much more bravery to do the things that really matter to us, and while that can be scary, it is so worthy. I follow people who live like this!

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