Owning Your “Doing” Life

Renée Dineen
2 min readMar 5, 2021


Being a self-identified workaholic and “doing addict”, I know what it’s like to feed off a busy schedule, unrealistic deadlines and round the clock working habits. I lived this way for most of my adult life.

I don’t live like that anymore and have become pretty darn passionate about revolutionizing the way we work, play & relate to one another and our purpose. I am on a mission to help demystify our culture’s obsession with busyness and doing!

This addiction has driven us to work ourselves into the ground, has contributed to broken relationships, and a loss of our truest
sense of who we are in the world.

We are consumed by the belief that revolving our lives around “doing” is our only option and as a result, we will be admired and acknowledged. “Stay busy at all costs” is a song title we have come to know all too well. To some degree, every person is at risk of falling into this trap because the world around us is also consumed by it.

I have called BS on this lie for myself and am working with others to do the same.

I wonder if even right now, as you read this, you might be thinking about what you are going to do next? What you have not done yet? Maybe even what you did yesterday? If it were me reading this from you, I would say “yep, sure am. To all 3!”

This is why for me, I did need to name it as an addiction. I had lost control of my “doing” life and all the choices that went along with it. For some, a little different but also destructive, is that your “doing” may not be an addiction (yet), because on some days you do have it under control, but it has at a minimum, become an obsession. An unhealthy obsession.


I want to invite you to choose a less productive life this week. Yep, you read that right! Just one week where you become more aware of your “doing” life and the impact it is having on you and those around you. Just give yourself one week to acknowledge the limits of your attention, energy and time. It might just be enough to make this your new habit!

In return, I promise that this practice, even if only done for a week, will bring into sharper focus what it is you are TRULY meant to do. Finding that out is something I am now obsessed with instead!



Renée Dineen

Recovering workaholic and action junky that left her executive level career to give herself a genuine shot at doing work that mattered most to her heart.